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Fabrication Services

The following are the fabrication services we provide to support our customers needs:

  • 1. Plate Rolling Services, up to 50mm thick.
  • 2. Plate Pressing for transistion and Reducers 
  • 3. Head Forming Services and supply of Formed Heads, up to 5m diameter and thickness of up to 50mm.
  • 4. Cone development and rolling/pressing services
  • 5. Angle bar and Pipe Rolling services
  • 6. Sample Cooling Coil Rolling up to 1 inch Tube.
  • 7. CNC Plasma Plate Cutting (25mm Thick) and Oxy Fuel Plate Cutting Services up to 150mm thick. 
  • 8. CNC Machining Services of Parts up to 1.5m Diameter
  • 9. Plate Shearing for up to 10mm thick
  • 10. Post Weld Heat Treatment Services
  • 11. Hydro-jetting cleaning services up to 10,000 Psi.